BELLBROOKE Labradors~Litter announcements​​

Jenny x Liam litter ready June 1, 2019
~males and females available in this all chocolate litter~
Please direct enquiries to    [email protected]

**all our pups are born and raised in our non smoking home**
~Reservations are recommended~
To be secured a position on our reserve for a pup from our future litters, a deposit* is required.

Please read additional information on this page regarding the  
RESERVATION PROCESS  (scroll down to view) 
or contact us for details.

 Please use our "CONTACT US" page to make an enquiry.
 ~Patience and Commitment~ this is what is required to have a dog... and the same applies to waiting for a puppy. Commitment by being approved and placed on the wait list, and then Patience while waiting for the time to come when your pup is available. ***please note: We reserve the right to accept, refuse or return any request to reserve based on our experience and criteria.

(To see pictures of pups from previous litters, please check out our References & Feedback page)
**CKC member breeder with over 46 years experience, adhering to the CKC Member Code of Ethics & the CKC Breeder Code of Practice. All our pups are born and raised in our non smoking home. Reservations accepted in advance to approved homes, and confirmed by deposit only.
**We would be happy to forward our contract/guarantee for you to read before you reserve. Pedigrees for the parents are available upon request.
**Serious enquiries are welcome. Visits may be arranged by appointment only and may be limited to times when we do not have a current litter or when our girls are not expecting. This is due to the health biosecurity of our pups.

**Canadian Kennel Club registered. Purebred  Labrador Retriever pups. Veterinary health inspected, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Four generation pedigree. Excellent field and champions in bloodlines. Healthy, energetic pups. Highly motivated, and very trainable. Written health guarantee. Puppy information package. Always available for Lifetime support. Without exception, all pups are sold with CKC registration and ownership is transferred to the buyer (in compliance with Federal Regulations under the Animal Pedigree Act (see note below ** for additional information). All pups are sold under a CKC nonbreeding agreement (unless otherwise specified).

**All our current active breeding dogs are Chocolate. Over the past years we have only ever bred for CHOCOLATE labs. At this time do not have blacks or yellows from our dogs, however, our future plans and an addition in our progam may offer black pups in our coming years. We will have to wait and see. 

**We DO NOT have silver or charcoal or grey. These type of colours are NOT listed as the 'breed standard' for Labradors.  While they may be pretty or desired by some or labelled as rare, the only TRUE COLOURS that are approved by the breed standard are Black, Yellow & Chocolate.
Slide show~Click on any picture to see how quickly the puppies grow

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RESERVATION PROCESS     ****please read****

  • To reserve a pup from any of our litters a deposit is required.
  • Placing a deposit will put you on our reserve list and then you will be contacted when there is a pup available.
  • Deposits are NOT transferable. The reserve is only valid between the original buyer and the breeder. No third party sale or agreements will be made.
  • Deposits are NON refundable. If there is no pup currently available you will be remain on the list for the next or future litter. If you choose to look elsewhere for a pup then you may request a partial refund (75%). This will be at the discretion of the breeder.
  • Preferred gender for your pup must be stated when you reserve. If no gender is preferred or specified then the choice will be up to the discretion of the breeder.
  • Specific breeding combinations (ie Mother x Father) are not promised and is at the discretion of the breeder.
  • When you place your deposit you must give us a phone number or email that we can contact you. When 3 attempts over the course of 3 days to contact you and to confirm the availability of a pup is made without any response you will be passed over and the next person in line will be contacted.
  • If you are contacted and the ‘timing’ is not ‘right’ for you to confirm the pick up or go home date for a pup you may opt to wait for the next available litter. If you opt out a second time there will be an additional charge of $50.
  • Most pups are ready to go home between 7-8 weeks of age. After this time there is a boarding charge of $30/day or $200/week. The full price of the pup must be made at 8 weeks of age and any additional veterinary expenses incurred are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • The breeder has the exclusive and final decision for placement of any pup. We reserve the right to refuse a reserve or deposit without any expressed reason. We reserve the right to return a deposit.
  • Deposits are payable in cash, cheque or email transfer. Final payment is accepted in cash or email transfer only.
  • While we have made every effort to keep our purchase price from increasing, over the years there has been increases in our costs and expenses. Occasionally there will be a minimal increase made. If you have placed a reserve deposit we will make every effort to fulfill our obligation to make a puppy available within a reasonable time frame at the agreed upon price. However, without a reserve deposit we cannot predict that the price will be the same from one year to the next.
  • Every effort is made to bring a satisfactory experience to the purchasing experience. Most current reserves will not be affected in any way. If you have any questions about our policies, contracts or guarantee we encourage purchasers to please ask, we strive to make all information up front and apparent at all times.
  • We are now accepting reservations for chocolate pups and a limited number for black pups.
BUYER BEWARE. PLEASE READ: It is not a matter of choice - this is the law in Canada, as required under the Animal Pedigree Act. Any breeder selling a dog as purebred must register the dog and provide the new owner with the registration certificate within six months of the date of sale. In order for the puppy to be registered, the dog's parents and the emanating litter must also be registered. A reputable breeder will be more than willing to provide this information. If you have any doubts, ask the breeder for a copy of the Certificate of Registration of Litter previously issued by CKC. It is the responsibility of the breeder to forward the application papers to CKC and pay for the initial registration and transfer of the dog into your name.
Upon receiving the breeder's applications, it takes CKC about 10 days to process the applications and send the certificate of registration back to the breeder. The breeder must then send the certificate to you, as the new owner of the puppy. Obtaining official papers is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer .